The Complete DBT(Data Build Tool) Bootcamp

  • Learn to use the dbt™ platform professionally through the creation of an exhaustive, real-world, hands-on dbt – Airbnb project covering both Theory and Practice
  • Set up the complete development environment on Mac & Windows, Connect to Snowflake and BI, Configure dbt profile, extend the IDE with dbt tools
  • Learn core dbt concepts such as Models, Materialization, Sources, Seeds, Snapshots, Packages, Hooks, Exposures, Analyses, write complex SQL queries
  • Understand the dbt project structure and learn about dbt tips & tricks, advanced techniques and best practices, extend dbt with your own / third-party macros
  • Implement singular and generic dbt tests, work with additional arguments and default config values, customize dbt built-in tests
  • Document your models and pipeline, customize the dbt docs page, Explore and analyse dependencies between transformation steps
  • Understand how dbt fits into the modern data stack, learn about the stages of the Data-Maturity Model, and well functioning Data Architectures
  • Master ETL/ELT procedures, Data Transformations, Modern Data Stack, Slowly Changing Dimensions, Common Table Expressions and Analytics Engineering
  • Understand what is a Data Warehouse, Data Lake, or Data Lakehouse and when to use which, handle Data Collection, Data Wrangling and Data Integrations
  • See how advanced testing works using dbt-expectations, a Great Expectations inspired testing framework


  • Master ETL/ELT procedures
  • Data Transformations
  • Modern Data Stack
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Common Table Expressions and Analytics Engineering